Instructions to Authors

The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag as a Lecture Notes in Computer Science volume.


All papers must be submitted in electronic format as PDF files in our online conference management system before the submission deadline. There is a 10 MB limit on the uploaded file size. To publish the paper in the conference, one of the authors must register and present the paper in the conference. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions to a special issue on PSIVT2009 of IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications.

Author Kit

Articles should be prepared in English according to the LNCS recommendations and templates and they should be at most 12-page long. A paper ID will be allocated to each paper when you register the paper on the submission site. Please specify in your paper your paper's own ID instead of author names before uploading your file.

We do not encourage the use of Microsoft Word, particularly as the layout of the pages (the position of figures and paragraphs) can change between printouts.

Keep in mind that papers that deviate too much from our guidelines will be automatically rejected without review.

Paper Length

A complete paper should be submitted in camera-ready format. Each paper should be at most 12-page long.

Double Blind Review

PSIVT2009 reviewing is double blind: authors do not know the names of the reviewers of their papers, and reviewers do not know the names of the authors.

Many authors misunderstand the concept of anonymizing for blind review. Blind review does not mean that one must remove citations to one's own work - in fact it is often impossible to review a paper unless the previous citations are known and available. Blind review means that you do not use the words "my" or "our" when citing previous work. That is all.

Also remember to avoid information that may identify the authors in the acknowledgments (e.g. co-workers and grant IDs).

Dual Submission Policy

By submitting a manuscript to PSIVT2009, the author(s) assert that it has not been previously published in substantially similar form. Furthermore, no paper which contains significant overlap with the contributions of this paper either has been or will be submitted during the PSIVT2009 review period to either a journal or a conference.

If there are any papers that may appear to the reviewers to violate this condition, then it is your responsibility to

  1. cite these papers (preserving anonymity), and
  2. argue in the body of your paper why your PSIVT2009 paper is nontrivially different from these concurrent submissions.

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