Poster Sessions

Poster 1

14:00-16:00, January 14
I-1 SUBSMELL: Multimedia with a Simple Olfactory Display
Chomtip Pornpanomchai, Arinchaya Threekhunprapa, Krit Pongrasamiroj, Phichate Sukklay
I-2 Fixed-Coefficient Iterative Bilateral Filters for Graph-Based Image Processing
Chang Jian, Kohei Inoue, Kenji Hara, Kiichi Urahama
I-3 Texture Retrieval Effectiveness Improvement Using Multiple Representations Fusion
Noureddine Abbadeni
I-4 Recognizing Multiple Objects via Regression Incorporating the Co-occurrence of Categories
Takahiro Okabe, Yuhi Kondo, Kris M. Kitani, Yoichi Sato
I-5 An Adaptive and Efficient Selective Multiple Reference Frame Motion Estimation for H.264 Video Coding
Yu-Ming Lee, Yong-Fu Wang, Jia-Ren Wang, Yinyi Lin
I-6 A Framework for Suspicious Action Detection with Mixture Distributions of Action Primitives
Yoshio Iwai
I-7 Framework for Illumination Invariant Vehicular Traffic Density Estimation
Pranam Janney, Glenn Geers
I-8 Robust Facial Feature Location on Gray Intensity Face
Qiong Wang, Chunxia Zhao, Jingyu Yang
I-9 Error-Diffused Image Security Improving Using Overall Minimal-Error Searching
Jing-Ming Guo, Yun-Fu Liu
I-10 Automatic Segmentation of Non-rigid Objects in Image Sequences Using Spatiotemporal Information
Cheolkon Jung, Joongkyu Kim
I-11 Robust Simultaneous Low Rank Approximation of Tensors
Kohei Inoue, Kenji Hara, Kiichi Urahama
I-12 Video-Based Modeling of Dynamic Hair
Tatsuhisa Yamaguchi, Bennett Wilburn, Eyal Ofek
I-13 Optimal Pixel Matching between Images
Yuichi Yaguchi, Kenta Iseki, Ryuichi Oka
I-14 Moving Object Segmentation using Optical Flow and Depth Information
Jens Klappstein, Tobi Vaudrey, Clemens Rabe, Andreas Wedel, Reinhard Klette
I-15 Usefulness of Retina Codes in Biometrics
Thomas Fuhrmann, Jutta Hämmerle-Uhl, Andreas Uhl
I-16 Inclusion of a Second-Order Prior into Semi-Global Matching
Simon Hermann, Reinhard Klette, Eduardo Destefanis
I-17 Hardware Design of Shape-Preserving Contour Tracing for Object of Segmented Images
Roy Chaoming Hsu, Yaw-Yu Lee, Bin-Wen Kao, Din-Yuen Chan
I-18 Accelerating Face Detection by Using Depth Informatio
Haiyuan Wu, Kazumasa Suzuki, Toshikazu Wada, Qian Chen
I-19 Rotated Image Based Photomosaic Using Combination of Principal Component Hashing
Hideaki Uchiyama, Hideo Saito

Poster 2

13:30-15:30, January 15
II-1 A Stereo Self-adjustment Methodology for Resuming Active Camera Operation
Masafumi Nakagawa, Yoshihiro Kawai, Fumiaki Tomita
II-2 Combining Invariant and Corner-Like Features to Optimize Image Matching
Jimmy Addison Lee, Kin-Choong Yow
II-3 Integrated Expression-Invariant Face Recognition with Constrained Optical Flow
Chao-Kuei Hsieh, Shang-Hong Lai, Yung-Chang Chen
II-4 Automatic Eigentemplate Learning for Sparse Template Tracker
Keiji Sakabe, Tomoyuki Taguchi, Takeshi Shakunaga
II-5 Tracking without Background Model for Time-of-Flight Cameras
Luca Bianchi, Riccardo Gatti, Luca Lombardi, Paolo Lombardi
II-6 X-Ray Image Classification and Retrieval Using Ensemble Combination of Visual Descriptors
JeongHee Shim, KiHee Park, ByoungChul Ko, JaeYeal Nam
II-7 Video-based Motion Capturing for Skeleton-based 3D Models
Liang-Yu Shih, Bing-Yu Chen, Ja-Ling Wu
II-8 Player Detection and Tracking in Broadcast Tennis Video
Yao-Chuan Jiang, Kuan-Ting Lai, Chaur-Heh Hsieh, Mau-Fu Lai
II-9 Unsupervised Pedestrian Re-identification for Loitering Detection
Chung-Hsien Huang, Yi-Ta Wu, Ming-Yu Shih
II-10 A Fast Macroblock Mode Decision Algorithm for the Baseline Profile in the H.264 Video Coding Standard
Chang-Hsing Lee, Cheng-Chang Lien, Jau-Ling Shih, Ping-Yu Lin
II-11 Video Coding Using Spatially Varying Transform
Cixun Zhang, Kemal Ugur, Jani Lainema, Moncef Gabbouj
II-12 Comparison of Visible, Thermal Infra-Red and Range Images for Face Recognition
Ajmal Mian
II-13 Enhanced Sports Image Annotation and Retrieval Based upon Semantic Analysis of Multimodal Cues
Kraisak Kesorn, Stefan Poslad
II-14 Memory Efficient VLSI Architecture for QCIF to VGA Resolution Conversion
Asmar A. Khan, Shahid Masud
II-15 Towards an Interpretation of Intestinal Motility Using Capsule Endoscopy Image Sequences
Hai Vu, Tomio Echigo, Ryusuke Sagawa, Keiko Yagi, Masatsugu Shiba, Kazuhide Higuchi, Tetsuo Arakawa, Yasushi Yagi
II-16 On JPEG2000 Error Concealment Attacks
Thomas Stütz, Andreas Uhl
II-17 Upper-Body Contour Extraction Using Face and Body Shape Variance Information
Kazuki Hoshiai, Shinya Fujie, Tetsunori Kobayashi
II-18 Approximated Ground Truth for Stereo and Motion Analysis on Real-World Sequences
Zhifeng Liu, Reinhard Klette
II-19 Cooperative Surveillance System with Fixed Camera Object Localization and Mobile Robot Target Tracking
Chih-Chun Chia, Wei-Kai Chan, Shao-Yi Chien

Poster 3

10:30-12:30, January 16
III-1 On the Security of an MPEG-Video Encryption Scheme Based on Secret Huffman Tables
Shujun Li, Guanrong Chen, Albert Cheung, Kwok-Tung Lo, Mohan Kankanhalli
III-2 H.264/AVC Video Encoder Realization and Acceleration on TI DM642 DSP
Daw-Tung Lin, Chung-Yu Yang
III-3 Improved Two-Level Model Averaging Techniques in Drosophila Brain Modeling
Cheng-Chi Wu, Chao-Yu Chen, Hsiu-Ming Chang, Ann-Shyn Chiang, Yung-Chang Chen
III-4 Belief Propagation for Stereo Analysis of Night-Vision Sequences
Shushi Guan, Reinhard Klette, Young W. Woo
III-5 Region-Based Super Resolution for Video Sequences Considering Registration Error
Osama A. Omer, Toshihisa Tanaka
III-6 A High Performance H.264 Deblocking Filter
Vagner Rosa, Altamiro Susin, Sergio Bampi
III-7 Steganalysis of JPEG Images with Joint Transform Features
Zohaib Khan, Atif Bin Mansoor
III-8 Object Detection under Varying Illumination based on Adaptive Background Modeling Considering Spatial Locality
Tatsuya Tanaka, Atsushi Shimada, Daisaku Arita, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi
III-9 Weighted Threshold Secret Image Sharing
Shyong Jian Shyu, Chun-Chieh Chuang, Ying-Ru Chen, Ah-Fur Lai
III-10 Removal of Specular Reflection Component Using Multi-view Images and 3D Object Model
Shu-Kam Chow, Kwok-Leung Chan
III-11 An ROI/xROI Based Rate Control Algorithm in H.264|AVC for Video Telephony Applications
Changhee Kim, Taeyoung Na, Munchurl Kim, Jeongyeon Lim, Youngho Joo, Kimun Kim, Jaewoan Byun, Munchurl Kim
III-12 Simplifying the Rate Control Scheme for Distributed Video Coding by Flexible Slepian-Wolf Decoding
Ralph Hänsel, Erika Müller
III-13 Glass Partterns and Artistic Imaging
Giuseppe Papari, Nicolai Petkov
III-14 Classification of Similar 3D Objects with Different Types of Features from Multi-view Images
Hitoshi Niigaki, Kazuhiro Fukui
III-15 Recovery Rate of Clustering Algorithms
Fajie Li, Reinhard Klette
III-16 Multiple View Geometry of Projector-Camera Systems from Virtual Mutual Projection
Shuhei Kobayashi, Fumihiko Sakaue, Jun Sato
III-17 Automatic Appropriate Segment Extraction from Shots Based on Learning from Example Videos
Yousuke Kurihara, Naoko Nitta, Noboru Babaguchi
III-18 Localization of Lesions in Dermoscopy Images Using Ensembles of Thresholding Methods
M. Emre Celebi, Hitoshi Iyatomi, Gerald Schaefer, William V. Stoecker
III-19 Active Contour Tracking of Moving Objects Using Edge Flows and Ant Colony Optimization in Video Sequences
Dong-Xian Lai, Yuan-Hsiang Chang, Zhi-He Zhong

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