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What is Tokyo?

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan.

There are two different meanings for the word "Tokyo." One is the name of one of 47 prefectures of Japan, formally Tokyo Metropolis ("Tokyo-to" in Japanese). The other is the 23 special wards , a part of Tokyo. The special wards constitute the area informally considered as "the city of Tokyo," and one of the largest cities in the world with a total population of over 8 million people. The population of the city as a whole exceeds 12 million.


The temperature in January is between 5 and 10 degrees C in Tokyo, and it is not so cold. The climate in January is fairly stable, and it seldom snows.

Money and Shopping

Cash can be carried around in Tokyo without anxiety. You will need cash for the train/bus/taxi fares, admission to museums, and small dining spots and stores. Major credit cards are also widely accepted in Tokyo.


Getting around by public transportation, taxi, or on foot is generally safe even late at night. Many Japanese signs have alphabet equivalents. But many streets have no names, and destinations can be very difficult to locate by the address. If you get lost, try a Koban (police box). These can be found all over the city. The police are usually friendly and ready to extend a helping hand.

Dining Out

You can find many restaurants in Tokyo. And also there are many kinds of drinking places. Menus in English are available at some restaurants, especially in major hotels.

Japanese tap water is safe to drink.


100 volts AC. 50 Hz in Tokyo. Sockets take Type A, a two-prong plug with flat-sided prongs .

More Information

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